Jarvis White


Chicago is known for its amazing music and art culture that is popular worldwide. People enjoy all types of entertainment, including podcasts from several popular artists to share cultural ideas and news of the communities in Chicago. Some podcasts are known for talking about the history of the city. Some are popular for interviewing local artists, comedians, and more. Chicago has enough podcasts to keep you entertained throughout the day around the week. Here are five Chicago podcasts that you can start listening to today.

Curious City

Curious City is a podcast for investigative journalism that makes it a must-listen for people living in Chicago. The podcast is open to citizens who can log on and ask questions that are discussed in the podcast. The questions can be related to all journalism issues of the city. The questions are then posted for voting, and the most voted questions get answered in the podcast. Curious City is known for combining archival WBEZ stories and new investigations.


Filmspotting is one of the film criticism podcasts that actually became popular among many. The podcast hosts discussions on the new movies released every week where the experts talk about the top five movies. The crew also tries to act out scenes from the classic movies, which is terribly fun. Host Adam and Josh make the discussions engaging and insightful, which shapes the content of Filmspotting.

Jimmy Carrane

Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane

Chicago is a city filled with comedians and artists, and improvement is one of the things widely popular here. Jimmy Carrane takes to improve to the next level by hosting his own improv show. Every Improv Nerd episode has Jimmy Carrane and several popular local guests improvising a scene in front of a live audience. Later on, they indulge in a quality conversation. It is a great place for people who are trying to make a break in the improv scene.

Wrestling with Depression

A quite different podcast that catches the attention of many is Marty DeRosa’s Wrestling With Depression. It has become an institution for the locals at this point. The podcast invites several guests from the comedy industry, wrestling, and more to explore the dark emotions that artists carry throughout their careers. It does not mean that this podcast is all dark. On the opposite, it is quite fun listening to the compelling stories of the guests and how they cope with depression.

Third Coast Podcast

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is interested in finding stories they can share with as many people as possible. The Third Coast is a part of the radio show that airs every Saturday on WBEZ at 1 pm. The podcast showcases music, documentaries, and other recent works of local artists. You can listen to this podcast if you enjoy listening to music and want to know what people can do with it.