Jarvis White


Coming up on Chicago at Play, want to learn to fly? Check out the newest workout sensation. Watch Special Olympians tell their stories on the air. Take a historic tour of Columbus Park. We’ll show you a new exhibit along the lakefront that really has people talking. Plus – kids all over the city are flipping for our gymnastics centers. All this and more on this edition of “Chicago at Play.”

When you are in Chicago, you will get introduced to the city’s art, history, and culture.  There is no surprise that Chicago is home to several comedians, theatre artists, and podcasters. Several local podcasts are popular among people for their authenticity and love for the local culture. Curious City is one of the best podcasts that you can hear to learn everything new happening in Chicago. Filmspotting is a film critic podcast that engages people in roleplays and movie reviews. Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane is a comedy platform that also hosts interviews for artists. Wrestling with Depression and Third Coast Podcast are the other two popular names in this list that you can check out.

If you are planning to host your own podcast on free online platforms like Youtube or your own radio channel, you need a set of strategies that help in directing you towards a proper podcast method. Make your podcast appealing to the audience by talking about topics that the local audience is concerned about. They should be interested in knowing what you are talking about in your podcast, as listening to something you do not like can get boring no matter how popular the speaking person is. It is important that you pick your topics properly and execute them with your time.